Artwork by artists Lorraine Whelan & James Hayes

The Bronze Age 4,000 Years On

Here are some links of interest to sites relevant to the Umha Aois project. They are those of past & current participants & organising committee members, as well as external site worth note.

Anders Soderberg - Bronze Casting in the Viking Age (Participant on the 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005 & 2006 projects. Very informative & well worth the look)

1501BC Jeroen Zuiderwijk participated on the 2006 project. Plenty of examples of succesful casts on this site, all authentically bronze age. Lejre Centre for Experimental Archaeology has hosted Umha Aois projects during 2008 and 2009. An outdoor historic parkland, well worth a look if you are in their neighbourhood. Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton hosted Umha Aois in 2009. Located in the small town of Manorhamilton, north County Leitrim, the Leitrim Sculpture Centre support innovation and understanding in contemporary art by facilitating artists wishing to extend their practice or knowledge.

Mogh Roith are a Multi-Period Re-enactment, Living History and Experimental Archaeology Group based in Munster, Ireland.

Artist Researchers The Umha Aois Projects as Interdisciplinary Research Environment - Visual Artists Ireland News Sheet, Mar/Apr 2007, Article by Cordula Hansen

Casting the Bronze Age: A Prehistoric Spearhead Comes to Life - Headland Archaeology Blog, September 20th 2010, Spearhead reconstruction undertaken by Umha Aois members James Hayes & Niall O'Neill

Biochar Ireland - They produce the best charcoal we have used on recent projects in Ireland. Their main focus is producing charcoal as a soil improver. Lough Derg Charcoal is made from locally sourced timber within the environs of Lough Derg. Charcoal is made using the retort method to ensure against pollution and to promote greater recover.

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Artwork by artists Lorraine Whelan & James Hayes